Media Monitoring & Education

Name It. Change It: Rapid response and educational campaigns intended to significantly raise awareness and dramatically reduce media sexism directed at women running for and serving in elected office – one of the most significant deterrents women cite for not running for office. Our project is strategically designed to address the widespread sexism in the media, which is one of the top problems facing women candidates. It is built on solid, empirical research and our goal – through aggressive media monitoring, activism, and accountability – is to remove one of the most serious barriers to America’s representative democracy and ensure unbiased coverage of all women candidates.

Sexism Sells: Ongoing WMC multimedia monitoring and awareness campaign to call out sexism in the media.  Sexism Sells monitors the news media for biased coverage of women and women’s issues and disparities in women’s representation as news sources and newsroom decision-makers.  In addition, we engage the public by asking our audience to be our eyes and ears and report news media sexism on our website.

Unspinning the Spin: The Women’s Media Center Guide to Fair and Accurate Language is a guide to common words and phrases.